2024 Lab Fellows

The 2024 Masterclass cohort comprises 68 postgraduate fellows hailing from 30 countries. They bring with them a variety of valuable previous experience; from founding social enterprises, policy development within Governments and NGOs to direct business experience establishing start-ups through to working in the oil and gas industry. There's even a part-time professional opera singer in their midst! 

Our Lab Fellows skillset is further enhanced by the breadth of their studies; we have Fellows studying for doctorates in subjects including Engineering, Politics, Biology, Experimental Psychology and Atmospheric, Oceanic and Planetary Physics to MBAs and Masters in Public Policy, Social Data Science, Environmental Change and Management, Economics and Energy Systems plus many more.

Our Fellows are united in their desire and commitment to take action to advance the SDGs. 

World Map showing where 2024 SDG Fellows are from
sdg lab students

The chance to present our team's energy efficiency initiative to the senior leadership team at BMW's MINI Plant was an unparalleled experience. In that boardroom, I felt the weight and significance of our achievements. I realized that the project we had nurtured was no longer an academic exercise confined to research papers and simulation models; it was a viable, impactful solution deserving boardroom-level attention.“

Emmanuel Uzim, 2023 Lab Fellow