Social Sciences Impact Conference

Our Lab had the pleasure of participating in the Social Sciences Impact Conference 2023 organised by the University of Oxford’s Oxford Social Science Division in collaboration with the other O2RB Universities University of Reading, The Open University, Oxford Brookes. We hosted a Case Study talk, “Business, Impact and the Sustainable Development Goals: The Experience of the Oxford SDG Impact Lab”, where our co-founder Professor Alexander Betts introduced the work of the Lab and chaired a panel discussion with a representative from one of our current partner organisations, the BMW Group (UK) and one of last year’s student Lab Fellows.

Last year’s student Fellow Sekoah Kwon-Salkin reflected on how her project work from last year’s Field Labs paved the way for her current role at The Conservation Collective.

Andreas Kindler (Director of Finance, Compliance BMW Plant Oxford, Swindon, Hams Hall) presented the industry perspective on this partnership and stressed three reasons why it was important for the BMW MINI Plant Oxford to form an impact collaboration with the University of Oxford’s The Oxford SDG Impact Lab: 1. maximising local engagement opportunities, 2. effecting sector and industry-wide sustainability transformations, 3. fostering inclusive sustainability that creates real-world change through taking the customers and consumers onboard on the sustainability journey.

oxford social science conference