A smart solution to reducing food waste in hospitality

How can food waste be reduced in the hotel sector? This was one of the key questions that Lab Fellows Laura Ballerini, Diego Rojas Arancibia, Desmond Okumbor and Ruby-Anne Birin set out to address as part of the of their FieldLab study in Tenerife in 2022, undertaken in collaboration with easyJet holidays.

Based on the Oxford team’s recommendations, easyJet holidays has now formed a first-of-its-kind partnership with Winnow for the launch of a pilot programme that will monitor the reduction of food waste at one of their most popular hotels, the Bahia Principe Sunlight Costa Adeje resort in Tenerife.

Using technology similar to that of driverless cars, Winnow’s AI tools learn to ‘see’ food being wasted through a connected terminal with a motion camera.  Data is shared with hotel teams who receive reports that pinpoint waste, giving them the insight to make operational improvements. Typically, kitchens using this form of AI solution see food waste halved within 12-18 months.

Project team member Desmond Okumbor explains: ‘AI Winnow is a smart solution to food waste because it leverages AI technology to provide automated data collection, insights and recommendations, real-time feedback, and cost savings for businesses. By helping businesses to reduce their food waste, it can also contribute to reducing the environmental impact of food waste.’

Read more about their Lab project and the practical, smart solution they identified.

team photo
team photo