Oxford University partners with the Laidlaw Foundation


The Oxford SDG Lab is delighted that the University of Oxford is joining together with the Laidlaw Foundation to support a new generation of leaders who are ambitious to make a meaningful contribution to society and known for their integrity, courage, humility, and hope. 

The programme will support 20 undergraduate students in the first year to lead with character and learn how to use research to achieve impact in relation to tackling global and local challenges. 

The Oxford Laidlaw Scholars will contribute to the design and delivery of an educational programme to provide extracurricular opportunities for pupils in Oxford schools. The cohort will connect and collaborate with students from around the world as part of the Laidlaw network of scholars in 17 leading universities 

Susanna Kempe, Chief Executive of the Laidlaw Foundation, stated, “Oxford produces more world leaders than any other university. By launching the Laidlaw Scholarship here, our aim is to ensure that those alumni lead with ingrained integrity, decency and a commitment to being a positive global force for good.”

Dr Edward Brooks, Co-Founder of the Oxford SDG Impact Lab and Executive Director of the Oxford Character Project, said: “At the University of Oxford, we are working to develop a generation of good leaders and wise thinkers. This partnership with the Laidlaw Foundation will present new opportunities to help an incredibly talented group of future leaders to develop their character and serve their communities.”

Read the Laidlaw press release here. 

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