ClimateImpact recently gathered Europe's top founders, investors, entrepreneurs, policymakers and innovators in the climate tech space for the first ClimateImpact Summit at The Royal Institution on the 7th and 8th of May. 

As part of this they brought together 80 Hackathon participants from partners - OpenAI, EarthAI, Pentatonic, Amazon Web Services (AWS), Climate Policy Radar, DitchCarbon, Raaise, Extantia, IBM and also there, representing the Lab, was BMW Fellow Miles Judd.

The 80 Hackathon participants were grouped into 16 teams of climate-passionate individuals who collaborated intensively over two days to develop innovative AI-driven solutions for pressing climate challenges. Miles was part of the team awarded 'Best potential for Climate Impact' with their winning idea 'Paco'. Paco AI enables businesses to search and spec alternative, sustainable packaging solutions to help them move away from plastic. 

Miles explains how valuable the experience of the Hackathon was:

"I was truly struck by the ingenuity of all the teams, who used AI creatively to address sustainability challenges, showcasing the vast potential of combining cutting-edge technology with environmental consciousness. Being a part of this event has motivated me to delve deeper into the world of hackathons and learn more about AI’s potential in sustainability – I'm excited to see how future technologies will drive positive environmental impact!"

Congratulations to Miles and his teammates.


Miles Judd smiling to camera in a room with large painting behind him
Climate Impact conference Miles Judd in winning group with Hackathon judges
Miles Judd seated at table with 3 others at the AI Hackathon event