Tassilo Von Mueller
Academic Background
DPhil Engineering
EasyJet Holidays 2022-23
Water Conversation
Case Study

How would you describe your experience as a Lab Fellow? 

  1. I learnt a lot through all the speakers and about many exciting ways in which one can get involved in sustainability.
  2. I learnt to work in a group with people from completely different disciplines.
  3. It has been exciting to work on sustainability with the Lab. I think the first-hand experience of the Lab really made me realize the extent of the problem and how interconnected it is (rather than just reading an article about sustainability). The Lab staff were great in setting up that experience. 

What was the highlight of the Lab experience for you?  

The Lab often challenged my ideas about the world which was great!

  1. Getting to spend time with the other fellows.
  2. Getting our own data in hotels and using that data to make recommendations to eJh. I think we didn't realize how different it would be to just our laptop research. In a good way, we had to find that out the hard way and it was very insightful 

What has been the value of undertaking the Lab programme?

I definitely want to commit to working on the sustainability issue. I think it's an issue I've come to like through the lab and I'm excited to keep working on it. I thought the Lab was great. I'd love to stay involved!