Sia Kimbere
Academic Background
EasyJet Holidays 2022-23
Community-Led Composting
Case Study

How would you describe your experience?

People, people, people!  

  1. Connecting with various experts in different fields who discussed their top-of-mind challenges with us, drawing us into their world and sharing their experiences and insights;
  2. Creating a collaborative working space and environment that provided the opportunity to get to know and work with peers across the University of Oxford in different areas of study (without which I might have found myself pigeonholed as MBA - SBS); 
  3. Creating a social space where I could get to know people outside of my program and college. More than technical learning, interacting with people and sharing experiences help me grow and develop the most - hearing different perspectives, approaches, and challenges (and how people have navigated them). People and teammates sometimes challenged me (either in my thinking approach) and encouraged me to step out of my comfort zone. 

What was the highlight of the Lab experience for you?  

Composting with Carlos and ULL students, the openness and friendliness of stakeholders and their willingness to sharing their time and information with us, trips/activities with other fellows. 

What has been the value of undertaking the Lab programme?

The SDG Lab Fellowship expanded my network and provided an excellent introduction and valuable knowledge base for sustainable tourism, which is a sector I hope to work in soon and in which I would eventually like to launch a business. I have a lot of food for thought as I continue refining and begin fundraising for my business idea. An essential part of advancing sustainable tourism involves practically educating students who are current and future business, academic, and political leaders on what it looks like or should look like.The Field Lab challenged me to be more flexible - to pivot the approach when we realised we hit a roadblock that was not in eJh's mandate to surmount.